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Nuclearfest 2008

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Nuclearfest 2009 is TODAY! [21 Jun 2009|10:54am]

Schedule & Parking information for NuclearfestCollapse )
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Nuclearfest 2009 [06 Jun 2009|01:48pm]


Sunday, June 21st, 2009

performing live:

and DJ Luminal spinning in between bands.

This year's Nuclearfest will be part of Art-O-Matic, and is FREE to the public! The show starts at 4pm!
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[03 Sep 2008|02:33pm]

Nuclearfest 2008 - the second installment of Washington DC's new industrial festival, featuring some of the best in local talent along with regional independent acts! This year's festival will take place on Thursday, September 4th at Town Danceboutique in Washington, DC. Presale tickets are available at groovetickets.com!

Band's confirmed for this year's line-up:
23RAINYDAYS (Washington, DC)
dharmata 101 (Washington, DC)
hERETICS iN tHE lAB (Virginia Beach, VA)
Margin of Error (Cleveland, OH)

DJ's confirmed for this year's line-up:
2501 (Alchemy, Arcadia & Chronos - Washington, DC)
Dirty B (Alchemy, Arcadia, & Chronos - Washington, DC)
GX (of ReGen Magazine - Baltimore, MD)
JavieR (Midnight - Washington, DC)
K (Rapture - Baltimore, MD)
Medic (of Red This Ever; Cabal - Baltimore, MD)
MissGuided (Exposure & UBU - Washington DC; Deep6 Productions)
rasDNA (Alchemy & Exposure - Washington, DC; Deep6 Productions)
Steve Archer (of Ego Likeness; Ascension - Baltimore, MD & Spellbound - Washington, DC)

Vendors for this year's festival:
CypherLOX - custom synthetic hairpieces & materials, goggles, hair dye, and more!
Ego Likeness - Donna & Steve will be offering a variety of their music, books, and artwork for sale throughout the evening.
FilmRunner.net - independent film sales.
LoFidelity Productions - founded by the street team captains from Strangeland Records (RIP), this company aims to promote and support all things local - from rock to roller derby.
Radio-Active-Music.com - CDs & band merch from all of our distributed artists.

Thursday's schedule:
08:00-08:30 - DJ Javier
08:30-09:15 - 23RAINYDAYS
09:15-09:45 - DJ K
09:45-10:30 - dharmata 101
10:30-11:00 - DJ MissGuided / DJ rasDNA
11:00-11:45 - heretics in the lab
11:45-12:15 - DJ Medic
12:15-01:00 - Margin of Error
01:00-01:30 - DJ GX

08:00-08:45 - DJ Medic
08:45-09:30 - DJ Steve Archer
09:30-10:15 - DJ Javier
10:15-11:00 - DJ K
11:00-11:45 - DJ Steve Archer
11:45-12:45 - 2501 vs Dirty B
12:45-01:30 - DJ MissGuided / DJ rasDNA

Thanks for your support! Please visit us at nuclearfest.com and on myspace at myspace.com/nuclearfest.
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Coming this Saturday...! [18 Aug 2008|11:13am]

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Nuclearfest 2008 [26 Jul 2008|10:34am]

Nuclearfest 2008 - the second installment of Washington DC's new industrial festival! This year's festival will take place on Thursday, September 4th at Town Danceboutique in Washington, DC. Presale tickets will be available shortly!

Confirmed bands & DJs for this year's festival. More to be announced over the following days.Collapse )
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Nuclearfest 2008 [22 Jul 2008|04:54pm]

[ mood | working ]

This year's date, line-up, and location to be announced shortly.
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Nuclearfest 2007 - Washington DC's industrial festival! [05 Jul 2007|05:34pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Welcome to DC's newest annual industrial festival, featuring some of the hottest unsigned & independent artists from around the country. This year's line-up includes performances by Ikonoklast, Angels On Acid, Heretics In The Lab, Prognosis, Vicious Alliance, Red This Ever, Worms of the Earth, and a handful of the area's best DJs! Tickets are now available at Jaxx, Strangeland Records, TicketMaster, and Nuclearfest.com. You can also get them from myself or any other Radio-Active-Music.com representative over the next few weeks. Many of the bands playing will also be selling tickets, so feel free to purchase them from your favorite Nuclearfest act directly.

Buy presale tickets now!

Nuclearfest 2007 is presented by Radio-Active-Music.com, and sponsored by Strangeland Records & ReGen Magazine.
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Nuclearfest 2007: date change [10 May 2007|03:26pm]

[ mood | grumpy ]

Due to a scheduling conflict, the venue has had to bump the festival back to Sunday, July 22nd.

More news coming soon.

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Nuclearfest 2007 [02 May 2007|12:35pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Welcome to the official LiveJournal Community for Nuclearfest - Washington DC's new summer industrial festival. This year's festival will take place on Sunday, July 15th at Jaxx in West Springfield, VA. Presale tickets will be $12; tickets at the door are $15.

Bands and DJs confirmed for Nuclearfest 2007, as of 5/2/07:

Angels on Acid (Charlotte NC)
dharmata 101 (Arlington VA)
hERETICS iN tHE lAB (Virginia Beach VA)
Red This Ever (Baltimore MD)
Worms of the Earth (Baltimore MD)
Headliners, national, regional, and local support acts to be announced in the coming weeks!

DJ Cheetahdave (of XUBERX; Blue Iguana, Fairfax VA)
DJ Kangal (Syndrome, Washington DC)
DJ Liebchen (of XUBERX; Ascension, Baltimore MD; Blue Iguana, Fairfax VA; Midnight, Washington DC; Syndrome, Washington DC)
DJ Mindcage (of Mindless Faith & Chemlab; Deep6 Productions)
DJ Panic (BOUND, Washington DC; Midian, Washington DC)
DJ Paura (Skortch, Washington DC)
DJ Rift (The Dawning, Charlottesville VA)
DJ Shade (Syndrome, Washington DC)
DJ Vlad (Syndrome, Washington DC; Deep6 Productions)

More information and presale tickets coming in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!
Nuclearfest 2007 | Nuclearfest on Myspace | Radio-Active-Music.com
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